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Social Video Marketing

What is Social Video Marketing?

Social video marketing is the act of promoting a marketing campaign by use of digital media. It is a form of integrated marketing communication that involves promoting video content across social media platforms.

All in all, social video marketing can be beneficial to your organization. Firstly, video marketing can increase your exposure. Secondly, it gives your company the ability to increase brand awareness. Lastly, it’s cost-efficient, therefore, it helps you budget.

Purpose of Social Video Marketing

Do you need more customers? Would you appreciate earning a residual income from posting footage on the Web? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, I guarantee this information will not disappoint. Discover how you can benefit from the integration of social video marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

There’s no denying that internet users love scrolling on their timeline to find news or information on social video platforms. Consequently, you can market your business to millions on internet users.

Social Video Marketing Impact

What is the impact of social video marketing? Social videos have the marketing capacity to reach customers globally. Billions of people watch footage on social video platforms. More appreciably, this number continues to increase.

According to YouTube, over 2 billion internet users are active on their platform. That is almost one-third of the internet’s population. And, of course, YouTube is only 1 social media network.

Why is video marketing important?

Video content has come to be the most used . Statistics have shown, people would rather watch a video about a topic opposed to reading. If you think about how the internet has evolved over the years you’ll understand the importance of video content. YouTube is a prime example. Fifteen years ago, Google and Yahoo were the top search engines. Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

How do I make content appealing?

First and foremost, you must have an purported expert level of knowledge on the topic you’re covering. Providing value is the most important aspect of video marketing.

The evolution of social videos has changed the way we live. These videos have impacted people’s lives on a global scale. Mankind has never witnessed this type of impact. The world as we know has never experienced a mass group of diverse people looking forward to watching vlogs (video logs) to catch the latest news from people like themselves. People have the ability to deliver their story no matter their age, race, gender, religion, background or sexuality. Even more, memberships are free.

Social Video Statistics

At any rate, the video marketplace is definitely worth joining. The truth is social videos have enabled several entrepreneurs and small businesses to secure financial independence. Musicians bloggers, influencers

Here are a few statistics of the world’s 2nd largest search engine (YouTube):

  • YouTube is the world’s largest active social video sharing platform.
  • Over a billion hours of footage is watched on YouTube’s platform.
  • YouTube translates content in 80 different languages.
  • Nearly 2 billion users are active and login monthly.
  • YouTube has a global reach, operating in 91 different countries and counting.
  • Nearly one third of the people who use the internet view content on YouTube.
  • An average user visits the YouTube platform 14 times a month, and remains active for about 25 minutes per visit to the platform.
  • YouTube globally ranks as the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.

Social Video Marketing Best Practices

All in all, video marketing is the future of marketing. Therefore, creating digital footage is a must for organizations striving to maintain and sustain.

It provides you with a platform to learn from customers through engaging. You must take into consideration that experience is the best teacher, when it comes to developing a startup business.

Once you get established, you’ll need to determine the strategies and techniques you need to succeed.

Next step, create a profile on the following social video platforms; Brightclove, Break,, DailyMotion, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, Vimeo, Veoh and MetaCafe.

Choose Your Video Type Precisely

Digital media have become more and more common for Internet users. To be honest, there’s no way companies can ignore video marketing as a solution to their growth any longer.

What are popular video marketing topics?

Here are a few topics people create content about just to give you an idea; advice, celebrities, crime, politics, world events, travel, kids, money, reviews, comedy, DIY, facts, opinion, music, dancing, fashion, how to, counseling, health, sports, fitness, marketing, investment, lifestyle, family, arts, crafts, gaming, your life, family, pranks, religion, help, animation, tech, translation, cooking, arts and crafts, hints, astrology, learning, relationships and much more.

Types of social videos include:

  • Informative (How-to Video, Tutorial Video): Informative or tutorial videos help viewers by explaining how to do things. In this day and age, individuals have leaned on the advancement of digital technology to learn, shop, communicate and much more. In the past people depended on books and other people for knowledge and information. Nowadays individuals acquire knowledge much faster through search engines.
  • Personal (Live Video, Conversational Video): Live streaming is a broadcasting tool that enables publishers to engage with thousands of fans at once. The personal video gives the producer the opportunity to connect with the fans on a more intimate level. This method of promotion naturally develops and builds better relations with the audience. Many internet users and influencers have fallen in love with the live video feature.
  • Branding (About Us Video, Product Demo Video): Branding is used to attract customers by differentiating products or services from competitors. You can accomplish this matter by highlighting services in your about us video. Or, simply, by uploading video footage demonstrating the product(s) and its features.
  • Verifying (Customer Testemontial Video): Customer testimonial videos will help your organization establish trust among your audience. Typically, people will trust the opinion of their peers once a brand has been tested and approved.

As you can see, there are several forms of social video marketing. More importantly, engaging with online communities through social media platforms is the most marketing technique.

Learn From the Pros (Experts)

It is highly recommended beginning to learn from the people who have already made a name for themselves in the marketplace. You will be surprised how much you can learn from others. You can learn how to do just about anything by devoting yourself to studying.

Begin by studying their approach, the way they deliver content to their fans. Try to understand what type of dialect they use. This will give you an idea for your approach in different situations.

Secondly, look for strategies that established publishers use to earn money. Every platform is different. Therefore, it’s critical to understand what marketing strategies influences are using. More importantly, you need to understand why publishers are implementing these schemes.

Do Your Homework (Research)

Doing your homework or research os one of the first things you should do. Investigating the video market will play a key role in your end results. There are many reasons why you need to do your homework, but I’ll name a few. Firstly, investigating the market gives you the ability to avoid pitfalls. You can identify threats and other elements that can prevent you from moving forward. Secondly, doing your homework helps you to identify opportunities. Last but not least, researching the market will help you identify productive video marketing strategies.

Identify Tasks (Goals) to be Fulfilled

Firstly, you must research the market to develop your goals. You need goals to understand how to get to your destination. Secondly, doing your homework gives you the ability to avoid pitfalls. On the flip side, it empowers you to identify opportunities. Thirdly, provides structure for you or your organization.

Develop a Plan For Your Video

Developing a plan for videos is a step often overlooked. However, you should develop a marketing plan with strategy any time you plan on achieving a business related goal.

Marketing your channel is one the most important ingredients to attain success. You can get traffic while you sleep if you create a successful marketing campaign. First you might uncover the basis of search engine optimization (SEO). For starters, let’s begin by identifying keywords you would like to rank for on major search engines. This involves identifying keywords and keyword phrases related to your subject.

At any rate, the video blog marketplace is definitely worth joining. Members can create a free account.

Create an Attractive (Proffessional) Profile

Your profile should summarize your topic. Depending on the platform, it should be 300-500 words. More importantly, your audience must understand what your topic is about.

Keep in mind, while developing content for your profile, remember to focus on keywords in your particular industry. Therefore, you don’t want to write too much information in your description, by the same token your description should not be too short.

In addition, save your content. Make sure you save the content so you can access it later; because you’ll need to upload the document on other platforms. Thus, when you create your description, make sure it’s universal, so it can be used for on other platforms.

Gather Your Equiptment

You’ll need to acquire proper equipment to earn enough revenue to make a living as a publisher. But, if you’re planning to create films for a hobby, you can just use your phone.

To begin, you must have a connection to the internet (Wi-Fi) along with digital technologies (laptop, desktop, mobile device, camera) to pursue this endeavor. Here is some gear that may be helpful; camera, microphone, portable audio recording, lighting, software, props and a tripod.

Create Valuable Material

All in all, you must possess the ability to create valuable material. As you may know, people tend to lose interest quickly when they’re watching content that serves no value. For instance, think about when you’re watching a television channel or movie that you are not interested in; sooner or later you’ll change the channel.

This also happens online when viewers are not satisfied with digital footage. In this sense, you have to figure out what the audience likes to see. Learn how to get your audience to watch your footage, so they subscribe to it and return to your channel.

The first way to do this is by creating lengthy content. Search engines and viewers usually appreciate longer videos.

Typically, some newbies make the mistake of creating footage about their day. This approach is a recipe for disaster unless you’re rich and can show others how to get rich. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a huge following, it’s advised to not produce a film about your day. For the most part, most people are not concerned about your day.

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Your business can go a long way is you developing an understanding on how search engines work. This is important because search engines are responsible for ranking your content.

You can increase your brand visibility if you can stay up to date with search engines. Search engines are getting closer and closer to thinking like humans. So you may want to start producing material that you would like to watch.

Here are a few resources you can use to identify keywords; Google Adwords, Wordtracker and Wordstream. Afterwards you’ll need to include keywords in the description of your videos you upload on your social video channels.

Create Compelling Video Titles & Snippets

Creating explosive titles for video footage is important. It’s critical because social video websites only display a snippet of your video on search results. Therefore, you must provoke viewers to click through to your video.

You can have the best video in the world. However, it may never get the attention it deserves if the title or snippet is vague.

Focus on Building your Brand

One of the most important factors is building your brand. As you may already know, you are your brand. Therefore, you’ll need to figure out how you are going to build you as a publisher.

You will gain more subscribers, enhance your online presence and attract new fans to your platform. You may still be wondering how to go about building your brand if you’re just getting started. To start, you may want to choose a focus for your personality.

Build Active Followers

Nine times out of ten people are searching for films that are trustworthy and valuable online. Creating social media profiles to engage with your fans is one way to build active followers. Another way to build active followers is by getting feedback for your viewers. Ask them what type of material they would like you to create footage about. Think about giving out prizes, rewards and gifts to your viewers. Have a contest for your fans to win prizes and rewards.

Engage with Fans

Engage with your fans to make them feel like they are a part of the community. This means engaging with them on a regular basis upfront and personal. Celebrities are even using this tactic to let their fans know that they are not too good to talk to them. This can be done by doing live videos on social media or social video platforms. Look in the chat room and give shots out to your fans mentioning them by name.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is the key to succeeding on video marketing networks. You should create new footage fairly often. It is the only way to keep your loyal fans and gain new leads and prospects. Even more, it’s the only way to keep the audience engaged.

However, make sure you don’t over do it by uploading footage too often. The only time you should upload several videos is when you have several valuable videos, or your organization is widespread.

Nevertheless, you should keep your fans in suspense, just like movie theaters keep people waiting for worthwhile movies. But try not to wait too long to produce new content. More importantly, when you finally decide to upload your clip, deliver mind-blowing footage.

Find Trending Topics

Trending topics are the topics that people are searching for the most. Trends change on a daily basis. For example, one day most of the internet users might be searching for NFL games on Sunday; however, the next day the most popular topic might be the presidential election.

Nevertheless, it’s advised to pay attention to trending topics, so you can stay ahead. You can catch a viral topic if you pay attention to what’s trending which can result in your channel going viral. Creating a viral video can be a game changer. You can acquire thousands of new subscribers which increases your popularity.

Create Analytics

As a publisher, you need to have access to data that shows you what viewers are doing when they come to your channel. This is essential because it gives you the ability to understand your business performance.

For this purpose, you must find resources to allocate these insights. Analytics shows you tools that will give you an understanding of how your customers are behaving on your platform. It shows you how they reach your platform, how long they stay, the device and operating system they used.

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