Most Effective Social Media Channels For Your Business

Social Media Channels

Which Social Media Channels Have the Biggest Impact?

Over the years, social media channels have undisputedly remained to be the most dominant source of marketing for businesses. Several companies and entrepreneurs have earned a living capitalizing on social media channels.

Social media has completely changed the way we live. People use social media for just about everything these days. We use social media channels for information, communication, entertainment, self-expression and much more.

According to statistics, individuals spend more time on social media than any other network in the world.

  • In 2019, 79% of Americans had a social media profile
  • Over 90% of Americans have mobile devices
  • Over two-thirds of internet users log into YouTube monthly
  • By 2025, its estimated almost three quarters of internet users will use smartphones to access the internet

What does this mean for businesses? Well, you can easily expose your business utilizing social media channels. And of course, social media advertising is cheap, unlike traditional media advertising. You can spend $20 U.S. and reach thousands of targeted customers.

Top 5 Social Media Channels

Social media channels have enabled organizations to reach billions of customers worldwide at the touch of a button!

It is important to provide customers with multiple outlets to reach you when you promote your brand or service. Customers are more likely to engage with organizations that have more than one social media channel.

You can use popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and several others. First you will need to open an account and build a profile. Make sure you include your contact information when building a profile. More importantly, the structure of your page should be fairly easy to navigate. In other words, the audience should easily find information on your profile (contact, payment, website).

What does this mean for your organization? Well, given the above information, it’s safe to say that many valuable leads, prospects and customers are actively using social media. Some organizations earn 90% of their income from social media marketing (SMM). Once you understand the value of social media channels, you can easily drive traffic to your business. Therefore, it’s imperative to utilize social media channels to grow your business.

Below are social media channels you can use for promotion:

Facebook’s Social Channel

There are many reasons why every company should exploit Facebook advertising techniques. First and foremost, Facebook is the world’s largest social media network on the internet. It is currently the most popular social communication network for users. Over 2 billion users are active members on the social media giant, Facebook.

Second, creating a Facebook profile helps you build more SEO authority. You can use Facebook to link back to your site. However, you must build an online community in order for this method to work. This can be done by uploading your URL link on Facebook fan pages or your profile.

Last but not least, as a marketer, your #1 priority is to be in the right place at the right time. In other words, being where the action is, and of course Facebook is where the action is according the numbers.

Instagram’s Social Channel

As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to be in the right place at the right time. Accordingly, creating an Instagram is a must. Every social network online has its own unique abilities. For instance, Instagram’s platform offers digital photos, digital streaming, live video chat and more. Members visit Instagram to find the latest stories, friends, celebrities, basically people or issues they care about. In addition, members specifically look for brands and products on Instagram using the hashtag (#).

What does this mean for your business? There are leads, prospects and customers currently searching for products and services you offer. More importantly, Instagram recently released several new tools for businesses including advanced analytics and shoppable IG posts.

LinkedIn’s Social Channel

LinkIn is not only a resource for hiring qualified professional employees. But it is also a major marketing resource for businesses.

LinkedIn is the largest online business network. Over 30 billion companies actively use LinkedIn. The network helps organizations connect, promote and sell. Imagine looking at every major company in the world on one platform, well, this is a just a glimpse of LinkIn’s network. In other words, its a perfect platform for B2B. Nonetheless, organizations can also achieve marketing success through B2C campaigns. Memberships are free, however premium accounts cost a fee.

Twitter’s Social Channel

Why should you advertise your business on Twitter? For starters Twitter is also one of the world’s largest social networking services. Secondly, over 300 million individuals use the American microblogging/social network to socially interact. Thirdly, it’s inexpensive to advertise your products and services.

Nonetheless, you must develop a solid social media marketing approach to attain success on Twitter. You can’t reach customers using dry or dull marketing campaigns. The audience will likely ignore your post unless you have numerous followers.

YouTube’s Channel

Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine. According to Youtube, “over 2 billion users are currently active on their platform, which equals 2 out of 3 people online”. In other words, Youtube is one of the top platforms for advertising.

Even better, it only takes 3 steps to start promoting your products and services on YouTube.

Step 1. Create a profile. Step 2. Upload a video. Step 3. Promote your footage.

Keep in mind, initially your footage may not get many views. It takes time to gain followers. However, you can pay YouTubers to promote your products and services. Of course, you should search for YouTubers with a larger audience. Additionally, it’s important to seek influencers that target the same marketplace.

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