How to Write a Vision Statement to Inspire Your Company

Vision Statement Features

What is a Vision Statement

Many individuals experience difficulties developing the vision statement. This is mainly due to the fact that the statement is static and covers much ground. In other words, this document is not flexible; which means you only have one chance to get it right.

What purpose does the vision statement serve?

This document helps a company differentiate its brand from the competitors. More importantly, this declaration motivates and inspires the existing and potential employees of an organization. It attracts like-minded individuals, people that have similar goals and values as the founder.

The vision statement is an emotional declaration that sets the foundation for the company philosophy. It establishes direction and informs representatives and stakeholders of company expectations.

This declaration is usually part of a comprehensive marketing plan or your organizational business plan. It should state the current and futuristic objectives of your organization. Most organizations use 1 – 3 sentences to describe their vision.

A solid vision statement stimulates the marketing goals of an organization. It sets specific targets for employees.

Above all, this document futuristically describes where the founder visualizes the business, typically 3-5 years from the time the document is created.

Features of a Vision Statement

To begin, it’s important to look at the big picture when writing your vision statement. Looking at the big picture enables you to view your company as a whole. It also gives you the ability to uncover the capacity of your business. Even more, you can maximize your organization’s potential.

Characteristics of a solid vision statement include:

  • Clear: It tells the reader exactly what an organization hopes to accomplish. It defines the end goal of your organization.
  • Concise: A compact statement that can be easily remembered. In other words, a brief catchy phrase.
  • Time horizon: A time horizon refers to a fixed point in the future when the organization will achieve its objectives.
  • Future orientated: This characteristic describes where a company is headed as opposed to the current state. Where the business will be at some point in the future.
  • Stable: Sustainable or long-term (unlikely to be affected by changes).
  • Challenging: A challenge is something complicated or difficult.
  • Abstract: Something that exists in thought, but has no physical existence.
  • Inspiring: A statement or expression that gets people excited. It motivated the company’s employees and stockholders.

In all honesty, writing a solid statement increases the chances of your organization’s success. On one end, this declaration strengthens your company internally. And on the other end (externally), it attracts valuable employees and establishes a strong presence for your organization.

Example of Perfect Vision Declaration

Co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates understood the capacity of Microsoft from the beginning. Furthermore, Mr. Bill Gates uttered his vision publicly, “there will be a computer on every desk in every home”. Of course, most people believed his vision was impossible. Nonetheless, he managed to carry out his vision despite what others thought.

Let’s examine the business environment during this time. The internet, as we know it today, did not exist. Social media outlets did not exist, major search engines or videos.

In the early 80s, computers were fairly new to the market. Businesses were the main institutions using computers. However, as time passed computers started to become more user-friendly, which led to more users.

At any rate, Bill Gates had a vision before everyone viewed the breakout. This strong prediction of the future was composed much confidence. It took a great deal of certainty for someone to make this type of statement during this timeframe. However, it paid off and Microsoft remains to be one of the largest companies to this day.

The current vision statement is “Microsoft is a technology company whose mission is to empower every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our strategy is to build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for the mobile-first, cloud-first world.

In sum, have you ever endured a feeling when you know that you know? But, your peers or family members can’t understand your dreams. These are feelings that identify elements that compel you to develop your vision statement.

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