Strategic Thinking Skills – Development and Practices

Strategic Thinking Competencies

What are Strategic Thinking Competencies?

It’s imperative to find strategic thinkers that possess strategic thinking skills. Strategic thinkers can increase the organization’s possibility of attaining sustainable success.

The strategists should have analytical skills, emotional balance and adaptability. Additionally, strategic marketers ought to possess attributes that resemble the following strategic thinking competencies:

  1. Intent focused: means possessing the ability to stay the course or to have the mental sharpness not to be distracted. Strategists that are intent focused concentrate on moving ahead no matter the circumstances of their competitors.
  2. Hypothesis driven: is the act of combining creative thinking and critical thinking. This encompasses incorporating both elements into strategy making.
  3. Systems perspective: refers to having the ability to comprehend the significance of strategic actions. A strategic thinker is utterly fully aware of his/her role within the organization.
  4. Intelligent opportunism: is the act of having intuition to respond to authentic opportunities. This term involves the capacity to recognize opportunities that will improve the status of a company.

Therefore, the individual(s) responsible for mapping out the future of your organization should be qualified strategic thinkers. They should have an purported expert level of strategic thinking skills.

Ways to Develop Strategic Thinking Skills

What is the logic behind developing thinking skills? When it comes to strategic management, strategic thinking is a cognitive activity structured to identify strategic insights. Organizations utilize the strategic thinking process to achieve strategic goals. When properly conducted, it makes room for effective strategic planning.

Practice Analytical Thinking

Before you begin practicing analytical thinking skills, it’s essential to understand analytical thinking. More specifically, you must understand what analytical thinking skills are essential for marketing.

Analytical thinking refers to the ability to achieve goals using critical thinking skills. The process involves defining problem(s), evaluating information, gathering resources, then efficiently solving the problem. In other words, analytical thinkers have the ability to solve complicated situations by evaluating information or data.

5 ways to increase your analytical thinking skills;

  • Start reading books
  • Practice brain exercises
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Learn something new

When it comes to business, analytical skills are needed for solving problems, researching, data analysis, creativity, budgeting & forecasting and much more.

Practice Communication Skills

The key to communication is effectively communicating. In other words, to have the ability not only to convey your message, but also to convey your message effectively. This means your message is received in such a way that the recipient(s) clearly understands the concept.

Increasing your ability to listen is the most important aspect of communication. Most people want to be heard and have the tendency to talk for than they listen.

4 ways to practice communication skills;

  • Practice listening to others
  • Record yourself talking
  • Improve personal skills
  • Work on thinking skills

If you’re reading this you understand the importance of effective communication. Effectively communicating with customers is essential for small business success. Most small businesses don’t have as many customers as larger corporations. Therefore, every customer matters.

Work on Problem Solving Skills

Developing problem solving skills is probably the toughest of all. You must work on personal characteristics to solve problems. For instance, to solve any problem you must be level-headed. You must have patience to stay calm despite what’s going on around you. In addition, you must possess leadership skills, because in many situations you’ll need to influence others.

Furthermore, problem solving requires logical thinking.

4 ways to work on your problem solving skills;

  • Practice leading teams
  • Work on empathizing
  • Change your perspective more often
  • Practice the ability to be open-minded

Typically, people that solve problems are resilient. They have a way with hoping for the best in the worst situations. In other words, these individuals would be considered optimistic for the most part. Therefore, if you are working on acquiring problem solving skills and your a non-optimistic type of person. This should be the first aspect you work on.

Work on Your Strategic Planning Skills

Some people are enthusiastic planners; whereas, let’s just say planning isn’t the strong suit of others. However, no matter which category you fit in, strategic planning skills are an essential part of business.

4 ways to work on strategic planning skills;

  • Focus on adaptability
  • Work on prioritizing
  • Develop people skills
  • Work on time management

For beginners, you need strategic planning skills to create your marketing plan & create your business plan. The planner must possess strategic planning skills to successfully develop both of these documents. More specifically, planners must possess attributes that resemble strategic planning competencies which include; analytical skills, organizational skills, problem solving skills, decisive skills, communication skills, etc. Basically every skill listed above plus a few more.

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